Michael Burtner

Mike Burtner is a Police Officer in Southern California, an Element Member and tactical EMT for the tactical response team. His team responds to emergencies, such as active shooter, acts of terrorism and all other critical life threatening incidents. Mike has extensive experience in VIP and dignitary protection, providing security to foreign and domestic diplomats, politicians and celebrities. 

Mike is a veteran of the Marine Corps and Navy where he was an infantry squad leader, military police officer and criminal investigator. His training and experience has made him an expert in tactical defense and survival. He has trained both military and civilian personnel in defensive tactics and crisis survival. 

Mike was the recipient of the 2017 Preservation of Life Award for employing exceptional tactics by exercising sound judgment beyond the normal demands of duty, to preserve the life of another during a dangerous encounter. 

As a member of the Aviation Secure USA Tactical Defense Cadre, Mike utilizes his skills and training to enhance the safety and security of our clients as they travel the globe.


Michael Burtner  ASUSA Advisory Board Member

Michael Burtner

ASUSA Advisory Board Member