One Day Course:

  • Tabletop Security Scenarios: This is a team building exercise that will challenge your team to resolve various security breaches and threats while working together as a team.

  • Perimeter Awareness: Instructs the student on the importance of proactive security and gives a clear view of the vulnerabilities individuals and organizations face. The training presents the student with tools and ideas to stay alert and engaged, increase their levels of situational awareness and be able to recognize a security threat that an untrained individual may not notice. Recommended policies and procedures will also be discussed.

  • Company Culture: This module stresses the importance of a fully engaged security culture and the importance of maintaining that culture with management and employee participation. This section will assist the students in determining the weak areas of the culture both individually and globally and the methods to strengthen it.

  • Case Study: A very in-depth view of commandeering, outlining possible methods that a terrorist may use. This section explores a past incident and provides the students with the means to identify a threat and take action.

  • Personal Protection and Awareness: Personal Protection and Awareness are the keys to survival in any hostile or domestic region. This will give the students the tools to prevent, detect or respond to a given threat both on the road and in their personal lives. Also learned are criminal methodologies and how a potential attacker may view and select you as a victim and how to prevent that potential attack. The students will also be taught anti-kidnap and weaponless defense and utilize that knowledge during attack scenarios.

  • Preventative Security Measures: This is a focused view of policies and procedures that must be in place to prevent, detect or address a security breach. This section will discuss airport security, passenger assessment, pilot/passenger relations, luggage concerns for known and unknown passengers, hotel security, personal security, enhanced communications and aircraft burglary. This area of focus will also address company foreign travel to specific high risk destinations as defined by the client.

I’ll never forget their tips and continue to share them with family and friends. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from all of my co-workers. Everyone has said “It’s the best training I’ve ever done!” Thank you! You guys rock!
— Nancy Devito, International Captain, New York