Flight Department Security Training


We provide flight departments with an out-of-the-box training experience that will build your crew and staff members’ confidence, strengthen your team dynamic, improve your security culture and  teach you how to prevent, detect and respond to security threats. 

Our customized approach, dynamic instructors and comprehensive content will equip your flight department with the practical tools they need. We not only teach you the fundamentals, but also help you put them into action through hands-on exercises.

We  have an uncompromising commitment to Aviation Security, and strive to remain on the cutting edge. All of our courses are custom tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your flight department.

ASUSA currently provides proven and effective flight crew and personnel security training with the following real life scenarios:

  • Cockpit Breach Survival

  • Hostile Hotel Takeover Survival

  • On-board Incident Management

  • Personal Protection and Awareness

  • Hotel Security

  • Active Shooter

  • Aviation Security Culture

  • V.O.R.T (Vehicle Occupant Response Training)

“This has been some of the best training I have received in a 35 year career.”
— Bruce Huffman Director of Aviation, The Drummond Company. Birmingham, Alabama